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Dr. Jillaine began Mobile Chiropractic and Wellness as a way to provide more holistic and thorough wellness care for patients. Through her professional experience, she came to realize that although a person may respond favorably to the typical five minute adjustment, there was more that needed to be accomplished in a visit to ensure that a person stayed feeling well for longer periods of time. Dr. Jillaine recognizes the importance of treating the entire person, not just their problem, and knew that she needed a practice model that allowed her to do this.

The biggest advantage to being mobile and bringing her services directly to someone’s home, office, or gym is that it allows Dr. Jillaine to spend more quality one-on-one time with the patient. The doctor and patient have 15 or 30 uninterrupted minutes focusing only on the patient and their condition, allowing for better assessments and more comprehensive treatment which is unique for each person. She is able to deliver more individualized chiropractic treatment, muscle work, and rehab without the distractions of a typical office visit.

By coming to your home, office, or gym, Dr. Jillaine is able to see the way your environment may be affecting your condition. For example, do you consistently pick up your toddler on the same hip all day long? Is your office chair and desk set-up ideal for proper posture and efficiency? Is your stretching routine after a hard workout adequate, or too intense? By seeing the way that you engage with your surroundings, she can give advice and preventative strategies to keep you out of pain and avoid injury.

Dr. Jillaine recognizes that spine or joint dysfunction is very much connected to muscle dysfunction, and believes that you really cannot have one without the other. Because all of the joints in the body are connected to surrounding soft tissues, merely adjusting the spine will not completely fix the problem. If you are ignoring the surrounding tight and tense muscles, the spine is more likely to go out of alignment again and you will continue with an ongoing cycle of pain and soreness. Dr. Jillaine, therefor, spends time on both chiropractic manual therapies to alleviate joint fixation as well as manual muscle work to relieve tightness. She then strives to provide the patient with strategies they can practice to keep these problems from recurring in the future (stretches and strengthening exercises).

As you can probably imagine, this level of care cannot be given in a standard five minute chiropractic appointment. Dr. Jillaine offers both 15 minute appointments for those who want to focus on adjustments and limited muscle work as well as a 30 minute appointment for those who intend to concentrate even more on preventative-type care. Because Dr. Jillaine believes that patients deserve more, she is so excited to bring Mobile Chiropractic and Wellness to the Treasure Valley.

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